HOW TO BE INVISIBLE – 3rd edition

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This book is easy to read and is meant for the average person looking for more privacy.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when purchasing this book. My son, who thinks I’m in the dark ages when it comes to keeping “,MY,” info , bank account etc., safe from , well anyone !!?? After another reminder from him, Mom, don’t forget about that book!” Will change your life ! My skepticism was gone after the first page! I read half way thru, Chapter 6, the same day. He’s incredibly honest, to the point, outlines all situations and allows you which to choose (as in, how invisible do I really want to be👀😁) but he’s extremely charismatic, humorous, down right funny!!! Wow, that was way too long!!! JUST GET THIS BOOK


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Unlike HOW TO BE INVISIBLE, this book is not the kind that you read through from beginning to end. Rather, it is a reference book, especially for high-profile persons who can pay whatever it costs.

This is probably the best privacy and cybersecurity handbook out there for the public, I bought the 2nd edition last June but I still decided to buy the 3rd edition right away.

The second edition was literally a page-turner for me, I carried that thick book in my backpack for almost a month and couldn’t help but read it excitingly almost every day and night, test out the tactics and modify some strategies according to the situations of where I live. I actually live in Hong Kong, some information in the book wasn’t related (like registering car plates in US), but many other information like web services and apps were still important for foreign readers.

I like Mr. Bazzell’s podcast and listen to almost all episodes sometimes even had to dig out some older episodes to check out his opinions (e.g. about hidden cameras). I also like how transparent Mr. Bazzell was when he explained the difference between the 2nd and 3rd edition so I can have a basic idea of how much new information I got from this new edition, it seems that he is really trying his best to make sure his readers didn’t feel being ripped off, which I appreciate.

And I do agree that it’s a better idea to have this book in printed format instead of ePub as it’s much easier to take notes and highlight text. This book is more like a textbook for me, so the experience of reading it on paper would be better.

One final reason for me to buy this book (plus the 2nd Edition and the OSINT one), is to express my profound appreciation for Mr Bazzell for his great work on promoting the consciousness of cyber security.

Our world is so much different now, education about how we could protect ourselves came as a timely rain for us.